Exhibitors & Sectors at Transform & Beyond by EXPO REAL

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of EXPO REAL 2024, you will find for the first time a platform in hall A3 dedicated entirely to the future and transformation topics of the real estate industry.

All decision-makers and experts of the real estate industry in one place

The Exhibitor Directory of Transform & Beyond by EXPO REAL 2024 will be available to you from July.

Exhibition sectors

The following topics will be represented through exhibition areas, networking opportunities, guided tours and a conference programm:

30. Cradle-to-Cradle (Construction 4.0)

  • Tender/Procurement/SCM platforms for construction projects
  • Software for construction planning analyses or development/building potential analyses
  • Software for building-related circular economy, especially for the creation and validation of building resource passports
  • Planning software specifically for modular and serial construction
  • Software for planning and processing cradle-to-cradle approaches (e.g. building material recycling, demolition recycling)

The eligible group of exhibitors does not include:

  • Manufacturers of building materials and mass-produced building modules regardless of material

31. Intelligent Buildings (Smart Buildings / Sensor-based Insights)

  • Software for energy monitoring and energy optimization of existing buildings
  • Software for the predictive maintenance of technical building equipment ( e.g. elevators, heating, and lighting, etc.)
  • Water, waste and leakage management solutions
  • Software for optimizing indoor air and/or the indoor climate
  • Building operating systems for central data storage, function control, and optimization in the field of technical building equipment

The eligible group of exhibitors does not include:

  • Providers of hardware and/or software solutions for operating smart metering gateways

32. Location and Market (Data-based Insights)

  • Solutions for the implementation of automated valuation models
  • Providers and operators of market databases
  • Software for modeling market analyses (e.g. house price modeling)
  • Solutions and platforms for collecting and trading location-specific climate data

33. Management and Reporting

  • Software for implementing the EU taxonomy vis-à-vis the building sector and EU disclosure regulations in the financial services sector
  • Software solutions that enable the determination of property-related KPIs to implement CSR guidelines,
  • Real estate industry management dashboards for recording, processing and displaying building, portfolio and/or real estate management KPIs

The eligible group of exhibitors does not include:

  • Solutions that primarily focus on corporate, ESG and/or taxonomy advice

34. Space management and user communication

  • Software solutions for evaluating usage intensity and behavioral patterns in office workplaces (“Workplace Analytics”)
  • Software solutions for room booking systems and/or parking space reservations
  • Solutions for automating user communication, especially chatbots for registering damage reports and/or tenant inquiries

35. District Energy Solutions

  • Companies whose range of services includes the conception and implementation of energy solutions within districts (on-site/consumer-side), in particular planning, implementation and reporting solutions for microgrids, district energy generation (e.g. CHPs, photovoltaics), energy storage, heat recovery and tenant power solutions
  • Companies that plan and implement energy self-sufficient neighborhoods with a high proportion of renewable energy resources as solution providers

The eligible group of exhibitors does not include:

  • Business units of companies that deal with energy solutions outside the property boundaries – in particular energy generation in power plants, energy transmission, energy trading (energy sales, energy purchasing, energy brokerage) and contracting
  • Pure manufacturers of hardware such as solar panels, controls or converters, providers of only partial services (e.g. consulting and/or planning services or smart metering), and building-related energy efficiency advisors (“energy consultants”)

36. Cleantech

  • Companies that install and/or operate rooftop photovoltaic systems on commercial properties as a one-stop solution and primarily in the B2B sector
  • Companies that install and/or operate electric charging equipment, including wallbox charging stations, in the commercial real estate sector or in commercial residential portfolios and predominantly in the B2B sector
  • Providers of system solutions for energy-efficient building upgrades that cover both building construction and technical building equipment
  • Providers of software systems for the automated identification of upgrade potential and the planning of upgrade plans for individual buildings

The eligible group of exhibitors does not include:

  • Providers of predominantly consulting services in the above fields

37. KI / Robotics

  • Solutions for the implementation of employee “co-pilots” (e.g. for processing contracts using Large Language Models/GPT)
  • Solutions for process automation using supervised and/or unsupervised Robot Process Automation, including solutions for implementing “virtual employees”
  • Complete solutions that include software and hardware to implement building-related and infrastructural facility management services based on artificial intelligence, e.g. B. Remote maintenance of technical building facilities using virtual and/or augmented reality or physical concierge robots

The eligible group of exhibitors does not include:

  • Providers of purely conventional, infrastructural facility management services, such as security, reception and/or cleaning services

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