Exhibitors & Sectors at EXPO REAL

EXPO REAL opens up the entire spectrum of the real estate industry in one place. Gather information about the entire life cycle of real estate: concept and development, financing and realization, marketing, operation and use.

All decision-makers and experts of the real estate industry in one place

EXPO REAL thrives on mutual, personal exchange. Our Exhibitor Directory offers you an overview of all exhibitors at the trade fair. With EXPO REAL Matchmaking, you can network with key decision-makers and experts from the real estate industry well in advance of the event.

The Exhibitor Directory of EXPO REAL 2024 will be available to you from July.

Exhibition sectors at EXPO REAL

1. Real estate investors

1.1 Institutional real estate investors: Real estate investment/asset management companies

1.2 Institutional real estate investors: Insurance companies and pension funds

1.3 Institutional real estate investors: Real estate stock corporations and REITs

1.4 Real estate divisions/companies of non-property companies (CREM)

1.5 Public sector real estate divisions/companies

1.6 Church-owned real estate divisions/companies

1.7 Foundations

2. Real estate financiers

2.1 Commercial and savings banks

2.2 Mortgage banks

2.3 Leasing companies

2.4 Insurance companies and pension funds

2.5 Other financiers

3. Real estate developers

3.1 Project developers

3.2 Site or district developers

4. Real estate service providers

4.1 Construction project managers / Construction project controllers

4.2 Asset managers

4.3 Property managers

4.4 Facility managers

4.5 Real estate appraisers

4.6 Architects and architecture offices

4.7 Real estate Agents (including location consultants)

4.8 Other property-related services: Legal advisers, tax consultants, auditors

4.9 Other property-related services: Market research institutes

4.10 Other property-related services: Real estate communications agencies

4.11 Other property-related services: Human resources consultants

5. Property and site operators

5.1 Commercial property: Office property and co-working

5.2 Commercial property: Retail property

5.3 Commercial property: Logistics and industrial property

5.4 Residential property: Housing corporations

5.5 Residential property: Providers of student housing

5.6 Residential property: Providers of co-living, micro-living, serviced appartments

5.7 Special property: Healthcare and social property

5.8 Special property: Hotel and hospitality property

5.9 Special property: Operators of train stations, airports, ports

5.10 Special property: Operators of parking space

5.11 Special property: Operators of data centers

6. Economic regions

6.1 Regions, cities, municipalities, districts

6.2 Economic development agencies

7. Information technology in the real estate industry

7.1 Professional property management software

7.2 Internet real estate portals and digital sales platforms

7.3 Data rooms

7.4 Computer-aided facility management

7.5 CRM applications for the commercial real estate industry

7.6 Standard software for portfolio and asset management

8. Associations

8.1 Real estate industry association

8.2 Other associations related to real estate

9. Professional education and training institutes

9.1 Universities and university-affiliated institutes

9.2 Institutes not affiliated with universities

10. Media

10.1 Real estate media (print)

10.2 Real estate media (digital)

11. Digital solutions: Plan & Build

11.1 Software solutions for the construction industry and project development

11.2 Building information modeling and virtual components

11.3 3D visualization, augmented and virtual reality solutions

12. Digital solutions: Manage & Operate

12.1 AI-based portfolio or asset or property management

12.2 Sensor-assisted maintenance (software and hardware)

12.3 Sensor-assisted HVAC control systems for large commercial real estate portfolios

12.4 Access control software for buildings and special-purpose properties

12.5 Community and building management platforms

12.6 Scalable, fully-integrated digital parking space management systems

13. Digital solutions: Research & Valuation

13.1 Location Intelligence Solutions

13.2 Automated services for real estate valuation models

13.3 Climate impact analysis of real estate

14. Digital solutions: Invest & Finance

14.1 Crowd investing platforms for investors in commercial real estate developments

14.2 Marketplace and peer-to-peer lending

14.3 Digital transaction management using blockchain

15. Digital solutions: Market

15.1 Platforms for short-term rentals of office and retail space

15.2 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality services for marketing commercial properties

16. Venture Capital& Incubators
17. Authorised AIF Custodians
Exhibition sectors

Important information for exhibitors

Only exhibitors who can be assigned to at least one of the exhibition sectors listed in the nomenclature and whose offerings correspond to at least one of the nomenclature items listed for these exhibition sectors are eligible for EXPO REAL:

EXPO REAL 2024 at a glance

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