Important dates, deadlines, tips and services for EXPO REAL exhibitors

Dates & Deadlines


from February 6, 2024

Start of application phase for main exhibitors and co-exhibitors
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Project Management

March 21, 2024

Closing date for main exhibitors

Project Management

April 22 until May 09, 2024

Registration period for a CareerCorner workspace during CareerDay
Allocation: according to the date of receipt of registration

Project Management

at the latest on
April 30, 2024

Dispatch of placement offer (by e-mail)

Project Management

until May 10, 2024

optional: submission of order/order numbers for the admission invoice

Project Management

from May 13, 2024

Dispatch of the admission invoice

Project Management

June 13, 2024

Payment deadline of admission invoice

Project Management

May 16, 2024*

1st registration deadline for co-exhibitors
Please note the information on tiered pricing below

Project Management

June 18, 2024

Opening of the Exhibitor Shop (registration information by e-mail)

Project Management

June 27, 2024*

2. registration deadline for co-exhibitors
Please note the information on tiered pricing below.

Project Management

July 18, 2024**

Release Obligatory communication fee (see B-conditions) for exhibitors
Please note the information below.

EXPO REAL Media Service

August 08, 2024***

Early booking deadline for registration of evening events on the exhibition stand.
Please note the information on tiered pricing below.

Project Management

Augugst 08, 2024

Matchmaking going live for all EXPO REAL particiants

Project Management

August 16, 2024

Booking deadline for print advertisements in the EXPO REAL Guide

EXPO REAL Media Service

August 29, 2024*

3. registration deadline for co-exhibitors / no more registrations possible after this date!
Please note the information on tiered pricing below.

Project Management

August 29, 2024

Submission of technical orders without delay surcharge as well as stand design plans

Technical Exhibitor Services

September 17, 2024***

Registration deadline for evening events on the exhibiton stand

Project Management

September 17, 2024

Registration deadline for day and press events and conference room bookings

Project Management

September 19, 2024

Booking deadline for company portraits in the industry directory (online and mobile)

EXPO REAL Media Service

September 29 until October 01, 2024

Start of chargeable early set-up:
EUR 3,350 per company/per stand for three days
EUR 2,250 per company/per stand for September 30 and October 01, 2024
EUR 1,150 per company/per stand for October 01, 2024

Technical Exhibitor Services

October 02 from 08 a.m. until October 06, 2024 06 p.m.

Setup at EXPO REAL

Technical Exhibitor Services

October 09 from 4 p.m. until October 12, 2024 6 p.m.

Dismantling at EXPO REAL

Technical Exhibitor Services

until October 16, 2024

If desired: Deadline for submitting the distribution of the free exhibitor pass quota of the main exhibitor to co-exhibitors

Project Management

from November 18, 2024

Dispatch of the final invoices

Project Management

* Tiered registration fees for co-exhibitors:

Registrations until incl. 16 May 2024: EUR 795,- per company

Applications from 17 May until incl. 27 June 2024: EUR 975 per company

Registrations from 28 June to 29 August 2024 incl. EUR 1,525 per company

From 30 August 2024, it is no longer possible to register as a co-exhibitor.

**It is important to note that only co-exhibitors who have registered by 27 June 2024 (11:59 p.m.) can have their Mandatory Communication Entry (basic company entry) released by 18 July 2024 and published in the EXPO REAL Guide. Main exhibitors and co-exhibitors who register after 27 June 2024 will only be listed in the online and mobile trade fair directories. The price for the Mandatory Communication Fee remains unaffected and amounts to EUR 950 per company and participation.

*** The fee for evening events (from 7 p.m.) is EUR 1,390 if registered by 11 August 2023. Events registered after this first booking deadline up to and including 14 September 2023 will be charged a fee of EUR 1,690. A fee of EUR 2,090 will be charged for evening events registered after 15 September 2023 or not registered in the run-up to the fair. Please note that in the event of late registration after 15 September, there is no guarantee that your event will be approved.

Tips & info for exhibitors

Application process for main exhibitors

1. Online applications for main and co-exhibitors for EXPO REAL 2024 can be submitted online from February 06, 2024 via the Registration & Prices page .

2. The application deadline for main exhibitors is Thursday, March 21, 2024. Hall space will be allocated on the basis of the applications received by this date.

3. Applications for EXPO REAL 2024 are not legally binding, i.e. applications can be revoked free of charge until the placement proposal is confirmed.

Please note that it is not possible to reserve specific stand spaces in advance of the online application or during the application process. However, you are welcome to specify your wishes within your application and we will check during the planning phase to see if we can fulfill your stand request.

Important: The contact in your company who is responsible for organizing the trade fair must first register for or log into the application system (create a Messe München account). If you already have a Messe München account (e.g. for the Online application or the Exhibitor Shop) please login with your email address and your existing password. If you do not already have an account, please register now. You will have then be able to log into your Messe München account at any time. Under registration/login, you will find an overview of the applications you have submitted per stand space.

Electronic billing: All exhibitors can enter an e-billing email address for electronic invoicing when they submit their applications. Please use a general email address for this purpose, such as:

Charging of Value-Added Tax to co-exhibitors (partner companies)

Please note that services provided by Messe München GmbH to co-exhibitors can in some cases be subject to German Value-Added Tax – regardless of whether the co-exhibitor has quoted a valid VAT ID number in the co-exhibitor application or not. This is due to the fact that co-exhibitors, unlike main exhibitors, do not book a “services package” from Messe München GmbH (see below for definition and Section B 4 of the Special Terms of Participation). Definition of a services package: If, in addition to stand space, a number of other services (at least three) are provided by Messe München GmbH for an exhibitor, this is regarded as an “integral service.” This determines the place of performance under German law on Value-Added Tax (Section 3a para. 2 of the German Value Added Tax Act – UStG). This Section states that if both contractual partners (in this case Messe München GmbH and the exhibitor) are entrepreneurs, the place of performance of the services rendered is the place from which the recipient of the services (= exhibitor) operates his company. This means that in the case of companies based outside Germany that fulfil the above-mentioned condition, the services are not subject to German value-added tax.

When the services rendered are not an “integral service” (stand space plus at least three other services), each service is considered to be a separate service and is treated separately for the purposes of VAT (e.g. the provision of parking spaces at the exhibition center and the provision of exhibitor passes are always subject to German VAT). This applies to co-exhibitors at EXPO REAL.

We point out that certain individual services are not subject to taxation in Germany. This only applies if the recipient of the service is an entrepreneur and Messe München GmbH has a valid VAT ID number for that recipient at the time of billing, as long as the recipient of the services is based in the EU.

Co-exhibitors application

All co-exhibitors must be registered.

The main exhibitor will be sent a link – a co-exhibitor URL – as soon as the main exhibitor registration process is complete. Via the co-exhibitor URL, the main exhibitor can send a co-exhibitor an online application for their registered space.

Important note: In the registration form, the main exhibitor can select whether the final invoices of the co-exhibiting companies should be issued to the main exhibitor’s company and invoice address, or sent directly to the co-exhibitors.

Please note that regardless of the above selection by the main exhibitor, the following co-exhibitor fees will always be charged to the main exhibitor:

– the fee for the mandatory communication contribution

– the fee per co-exhibitor (depending on the scale)

Different billing and company address

If you would like us to send your invoice to a different billing address, please contact us at .

According to the Special Terms of Participation (B) (see Section B 5), invoices can only be changed for a fee of EUR 200 only if – in comparison to the registration – the company name, legal form or address of the invoice recipient has changed.

Distribution of free exhibitor passes

allocated to the main exhibitor:

Main exhibitors have the option of assigning their free exhibitor passes to their co-exhibitors. The number of free passes allocated to each exhibitor is related to the size of the space they rent. Details of your free exhibitor pass allocation will be sent to you with the placement proposal.

Please send your allocation requests by email to the Exhibition Manager of EXPO REAL by Wednesday, October 16, 2024 at the latest, using the email address .

Allocation requests received by the Exhibition Manager on or after October 16, 2024 will be processed subject to a EUR 200 late fee. The allocated passes for exhibitors will be taken into account and invoiced accordingly in the final invoice. The allocation of free exhibitor passes for your co-exhibitors isn’t possible after the final invoice in November 2024.

Exhibitor Shop

The Exhibtior Shop will open on June 18, 2024. From this point on, the responsible contact persons of all approved exhibitors will receive an information email. More informationcan be found here.

EXPO REAL exhibition sector

Admission as a main exhibitor or a co-exhibitor is only possible if the business sector of the company in question corresponds with one or more of the exhibition sectors (nomenclature) of EXPO REAL. The Exhibition Management team will check each application to see if the company corresponds with the exhibition sectors.

Companies that cannot be allocated to one of the exhibition sectors will not be admitted as exhibitors. Please check if your company corresponds with the exhibition sectors before your online registration and whether you can also prove this by means of unambiguous references.

Only exhibitors who can be assigned to at least one of the exhibition sectors listed in the nomenclature and whose offerings correspond to at least one of the nomenclature items listed for these exhibition sectors are eligible for EXPO REAL.

The current EXPO REAL exhibition sectors, including their definitions, can be found on the page exhibitors & sectors .


For a personal exchange with key decision-makers and experts from the real estate industry, you can network with them even before the trade fair and make the most of your time on site.

The matchmaking will be going live for all EXPO REAL participants on August 08, 2024.

You will find all the necessary information on EXPO REAL Matchmaking here.

Ordering exhibitor passes

Exhibitor passes can be ordered from the middle of June. Login to the Exhibitor Shop and select the category “Passes and Tickets” to access the order system using the link shown there. Any exhibitor passes you order can only be used once they have been personalized.

In 2024, your exhibitor badge is also your ticket for all public transportation in the Greater Munich area (zones M to 6)! From October 7-9, you may use public transportation as often as you like during the exhibition days, but not on the last day of set-up. Please note: As a ticket for the Munich public transport, your ticket is only valid in connection with your passport or ID card.

Placement process

1. Placement proposals will be sent out at the latest on April 30, 2024 per e-mail.

2. The application becomes legally binding once you have confirmed the placement proposal with Messe München GmbH. As soon as your application is legally binding, a cancellation fee will apply should you cancel your trade fair participation.

The placement proposal will be sent by email to the email address of the contact (trade fair organizer) in charge of the trade fair organization as entered in the application form. The placement proposal contains a link to the hall plan and to an overview of the most important dates and deadlines. The placement proposal will be produced in HTML format, which may not be displayed properly on your screen due to default settings in your email program. If your email provider does not display incoming emails in HTML format by default, click on the link at the beginning of your placement proposal to see it in full HTML format.

If you have any questions regarding your placement proposal, please contact the EXPO REAL Exhibition Management team. Please respond to your placement offer within the specified deadline by clicking the appropriate button to confirm or reject it.

Value-added tax identification number (VAT ID)

To ensure that we can issue invoices correctly (i.e. with or without German Value-Added Tax – Mehrwersteuer), exhibitors from the European Union must quote a valid VAT ID number in their applications. If you do not know your VAT ID, please ask your finance department. If your company does not have a valid VAT ID number registered for trade within the EU, please tick the respective box on the application form. Even if you do not quote a VAT ID number, you will still have to fill in the boxes “Entry in the commercial register” and “Country” for the application to be processed properly.

Where do I find...?

Here you can find a quick overview of the most important information and services for exhibitors.

Your participation in the trade fair at a glance

Trade-fair partners

Official partners of Messe München GmbH / EXPO REAL

jl.medien GmbH
Inselkammerstr. 5
82008 Unterhaching
DER Touristik Deutschland GmbH
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 6
60424 Frankfurt am Main

Congress + Event + Exhibition Management
Schleissheimer Str. 2
80333 München

TM Quadrat GmbH
Karlsplatz 5
80335 München

royalmedia® GmbH & Co. KG
Rosenheimer Straße 139
81671 München

These service providers may contact EXPO REAL exhibitors on behalf of Messe München GmbH / EXPO REAL on event-related topics.