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Exhibitor Shop

Ordering stand equipment and services online

As an exhibitor or co-exhibitor, you can conveniently book all services related to your trade-fair stand online in the EXPO REAL Exhibitor Shop:

  • Technical services, stand equipment and related services
  • Exhibitor and parking passes as well as vouchers for customers
  • Conference rooms, catering and more

EXPO REAL Exhibitor Shop

If possible, please use the browsers Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in order to access the Exhibitor Shop. In other browsers display problems may occur.

The Exhibitor Shop 2024 will be available to you from mid-June.

The Exhibitor Shop at a glance

This section contains an overview of the most important points in the EXPO REAL Exhibitor Shop.

How do I get access to the Exhibitor Shop?

1. After you confirmed your participation in the trade fair, you receive an e-mail from Messe München with a link to the Exhibitor Shop.

2. Click on the first link, to create a new password. The second link sends you directly to the Exhibitor Shop.

3. Done: You can log yourself in using your mail address and the created password via the "Log In" button.

Do co-exhibitors receive their own account?

Yes, the contact person indicated on the co-exhibitor registration will receive an e-mail with a link to the Exhibitor Shop. After successful registration, the person can log into the store.

However, co-exhibitors do not receive all authorizations in the Exhibitor Shop and can therefore only order some of the products.

Why haven't I received any log in data?

Only the contact person indicated on the registration form will receive the activation link to the Exhibitor Shop and, after clicking on the link, will be able to create an individual password for the personal account. If the contact person and thus the person responsible for the Exhibitor Shop has changed, please contact the support.

Where can I find answers to my questions?

You can find many answers to questions in our detailed FAQs. Please check there first to see if your question can be answered. If this is not the case, please contact below.

Exhibitor Shop—Advice & Contact

You have more questions on the Exhibitor Shop? In our FAQ you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Our Exhibitors’ Shop team is also there to help you at any time. You can contact the team at:

Messe München GmbH
  • EXPO REAL Exhibitor Shop Support

Service partners

As an exhibitor, you have access to more than 70 tried-and-tested service companies in a wide variety of sectors. From concept development to implementation—our service network has a comprehensive portfolio that includes all the services you need to make your exhibit a success.

Use the Messe München directory: it features filter functions, details about the various services and ways to contact our partners directly in the following sectors:

  • Technical services
  • Stand equipment
  • Stand services
  • Logistics
  • Catering and events

Discover our service partners

Stand building & Technical services

When it comes to stand building and other technical services for your stand, we are there to help you in word and deed. Our tip: meplan, a subsidiary of Messe München, supports you as a competent and reliable partner in all aspects of stand building for your participation in the trade fair.

If you have already commissioned your own stand builder, you can also book all relevant services individually in our Exhibitor Shop. Messe München's Exhibitor Technical Service (TAS) is your contact for technical orders and the approval of stand plans, as well as for all related questions.

meplan—the stand-building partner of Messe München

Impress visitors with your exhibition stand and get them to take a closer look at your company.

meplan, a subsidiary of Messe München, is a competent and reliable partner that supports you in all matters related to stand building.

Whether you prefer a shell scheme or an individual design, meplan helps you with everything you need to plan and build your exhibition stand.

Or select a custom design and discuss your ideas with our stand-building experts.

Please visit for further information.

Advice & Contact

If you have any questions regarding stand planning, a request for a concept or a consultation, you can reach meplan by phone or e-mail:

Tel.: +49 89 540-267980

Technical guidelines, applications and leaflets

Further important information for exhibitors can be found in the Exhibitor Shop under "Leaflets / Applications / Important Information".

Technical services—Advice & Contact

For technical orders and questions, as well as the approval of stand plans, please contact our colleagues at the Exhibitor Technical Services (TAS):

Messe München GmbH
  • Exhibitor Technical Services (TAS), Department 4

Security services

Munich is considered the safest major city in Germany. Our exhibition grounds also meet the highest security standards. In close coordination with the police and authorities, we take comprehensive measures to ensure your safety.

Further information on security at the exhibition grounds

Emergency numbers

  • Security centre (24 hours): +49 89 949-24555
  • Medical service on the exhibition grounds: +49 89 949-28103
  • Emergency call—rescue service / emergency doctor (24 hours): 112
  • Emergency call—fire brigade (24 hours): 112
  • Emergency call—police (24 hours): 110
  • Police Station 25 Trudering / Riem (24 hours): +49 89 45187-0

Medical service/ First aid

The medical service will be on site from set-up to dismantling for the entire duration of the fair. Depending on hall occupancy, the first-aid stations are located at the West and East entrances and north of Hall C4. The paramedics and doctors take care of minor and major medical emergencies and are supported by the public rescue service if necessary.

Photography, filming and video recording

All information on this topic can be found here:


In accordance with the Technical Guidelines, Item 2.6, Messe München or the security and security service authorised by it for the exhibition grounds will provide guards at the gates and on the exhibition grounds.

However, we cannot guarantee complete surveillance and control of the exhibition grounds. If necessary, the exhibitor must organise the guarding of the stand, the exhibition goods and other objects on the stand himself.

Appropriate stand security can be ordered via the Exhibitor Shop. We would like to point out that during the construction and dismantling periods there are increased risks for the exhibition goods and other items brought in.

Night work permit

A night work permit is always required outside the communicated set-up or dismantling times and outside exhibitor opening hours.

The night work permit can only be purchased on site from the Security service (cash or card).

All information on this topic can be found here:

Security—Advice & Contact

Our colleagues at Security will be happy to assist you:

Messe München GmbH
  • Security

Marketing services

Promote your company effectively before, during and after the trade fair by taking advantage of the exciting range of marketing services we have on offer at EXPO REAL, e.g.:

Advice & Contacts

Senad Kabashi will answer any questions you may have about advertising space on the exhibition grounds.

The catalog clip provides an overview of the comprehensive range.

Our official partner jl.medien is on hand to provide help and advice regarding booking your entries, advertisements and business profiles in the official EXPO REAL trade fair directories.

For all other questions please contact the EXPO REAL management team.

jl.medien GmbH
  • EXPO REAL Media Services

Marketing material for exhibitors, speakers, participants and CareerDay

Use our marketing material to promote your participation at EXPO REAL. In addition to the general marketing materials, we also provide you with customizable materials to which you can add your personal touch.

Conference and meeting rooms

Get an overview of the conference and meeting rooms of the EXPO REAL. You can now also stream your events, such as press conferences, digitally in our studio.

Important: Bookings are only available for exhibitors of the EXPO REAL and Transform & Beyond by EXPO REAL via the Exhibitor Shop from mid-June.

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