EXPO REAL Career Day

EXPO REAL CareerDay—Start your career in the property industry

Your springboard for a career in the property industry: whether you are just embarking on your career or taking a next step—the EXPO REAL CareerDay offers you numerous helpful options.

Our tip for students, graduates and young professionals interested in a career in real estate: The renowned EXPO REAL CareerDay is just the place for you! You meet potential employers and make valuable contacts with companies. Not least professionals give you advice for your perfect job application.

By the way: Make use of everything EXPO REAL has to offer! See the diversity of the industry on the first two days of the trade fair, e.g. on topics like innovation , logistics and hotels . This will help you exploit the full potential of the CareerDay on the third day.

Exhibitors at the EXPO REAL CareerDay 2021

CareerDay in dialog—the conference program

Exchanging ideas is the indispensable key element of the conference program during CareerDay. In-depth presentations, constructive discussions and the job market make EXPO REAL’s CareerDay a dynamic platform for networking within the real estate sector.


A career in real estate—the CareerDay

  • CareerDay: many employers from the real estate sector will introduce themselves to you
  • Conference program Career topics for your entry into the property industry
  • Job market: The right openings and jobs for a career start
  • Application portfolio check: Job application documents checked professionally by HR service providers
  • EXPO REAL: Three trade fair days to meet the most important players in the property industry
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EXPO REAL 2019 | Career Day - a complete success

It’s on the third day of EXPO REAL that Career Day traditionally takes place. 46 companies, all vying for the approval of students, graduates and young professionals—of whom there were more than ever before.

Impressions of the CareerDay

Curious? Here are some impressions of EXPO REAL and the 2021 CareerDay

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