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Ticket for students and apprentices

What you need to know

Upon presentation of valid proof of eligibility, students and apprentices have the opportunity to buy a discounted digital pass for EXPO REAL in advance of the event.

Your steps to the concessionary ticket for students, trainees and apprentices*:

1. Proof for legitimization

As a student, please send us the university certificate filled out by your university/college and, if applicable, proof of salary.

As a trainee or apprentice, please send us proof of your salary and a completed certificate from your vocational school showing your name and the date of validity.

2. Ticket order

While ordering a student / apprentice ticket you have to upload your proof legitimization (university certificate).

3. Ticket confirmation

After completion of processing* your proof of legitimization you will receive an email confirming your ticket order with a request to pay for your order. You will then receive your online ticket for EXPO REAL.

The ticket is a 3-day ticket, so it is valid for all fair days of EXPO REAL.

* Duration of Processing: Processing your inquiry may take up to three business days.

** Important information regarding eligibility: Please not that students are only eligible to purchase a discounted student tickets for EXPO REAL if they are completing their studies on a full-time basis (=40 hours per week) and this is confirmed above by the col-lege/university they are registered at and by their registration certificate. Students completing a part-time work-study program are not eligible to purchase a discounted student/apprentice ticket unless they submit proof of their salary and provided that this shows that they are on a low income, earning a gross amount of no more than EUR 1000.

Any questions?

If you still have any questions, please get in touch and we will be pleased to help.