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Frequently asked questions


The information on these pages refers to EXPO REAL 2020. We will provide everything you need to know about EXPO REAL 2021 on these pages in good time—for you to optimally prepare your participation.

Here, you find the answers to frequently asked questions about EXPO REAL.

General questions about the trade fair

EXPO REAL represents the whole supply chain of the real estate and investment sector—all the important areas are there, from conception and design to investment and financing, from realization and marketing to operation and use. Learn more about EXPO REAL and the exhibition sectors.

From travel and visas to hotels, we can assist you with a wide variety of information and services.

These contacts at EXPO REAL will be happy to help you.

No, according to Messe München´s house rules it is not allowed to bring animals onto the exhibition grounds with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

Visitors’ questions

Follow the link to view an overview of all ticket prices for EXPO REAL.

From June 2020 you can buy your visitor ticket here.

The most important answers to these questions can be found in the specific ticket FAQ.

EXPO REAL app’ questions

  • A personalized home screen with your EXPO REAL exhibitor and event favorites
  • A “Find exhibitors” function
  • An interactive floor plan of the exhibition area
  • A daily overview of EXPO REAL’s conference program
  • Easily save and manage all of your favorites
  • An attractive community area for all industry attendees

One app—everything you need to know about EXPO REAL
Individually tailored to your needs: On your personalized home screen, you can keep track of your EXPO REAL exhibitor and event favorites at all times. It’s easy to create and manage your favorite lists. You can also search specifically for exhibitors, sectors and events. And you can quickly reach your destination with the interactive floor plans.

Make valuable contacts in the community area
Optimal networking: In the community area, you can reach out to other members of your industry and expand your network, exchange ideas with decision-makers and experts on the topics you are most interested in and join or follow discussions. Of course, you can also directly contact and cultivate relationships with other attendees – both before and after the trade fair!

Please note: To use the community area in the app, you need a Messe München account and a valid EXPO REAL ticket.

Sponsored channels
Use sponsored channels in the community area of the EXPO REAL app to make direct contact with exhibiting companies and company representatives. And of course, you can chat with other trade fair attendees. And, if you set up your own sponsored channel, you can also target your advertising for maximum trade fair success.

The new EXPO REAL app offers you precisely the information you need to make the most of your trade fair experience. It brings together decision-makers and experts in one platform and thus promotes the exchange of information on the latest trends and topics: Industry attendees can communicate with each other, network and stay in touch before, during and after the trade fair.

Download the EXPO REAL App!

The community area in the EXPO REAL app is a digital networking platform that allows you to communicate with other trade fair attendees across a wide range of channels: All EXPO REAL attendees with a valid ticket have access to the community area, regardless of their current location. The EXPO REAL app brings all relevant people and information together centrally in one place. In topic-related channels and private chats, you can discuss key industry issues with existing and new contacts. Or you can relax and follow what’s happening in the industry right now.

To use the community area, you need a valid trade fair ticket: For everyone attending EXPO REAL 2019, the community area is included in the ticket price.

The community area is open 365 days from the date you purchase your ticket.

Tip: Exhibitors and visitors can also book a sponsored channel for their communication and advertising campaigns for €495. Are you interested in setting up a sponsored channel? Then simply contact our media services team:

Mareen Kummer
Media Services
Tel.:+49 89 666166-54
Fax: +49 89 666166-55
E-mail: info@exporeal-mediaservices.de

Simply sign in to the app using the same Messe München account you created when you registered your ticket and enter your email address and password to access the app’s full features. You are now ready to join discussions in the themed channels and send private messages.

Please note: In order to use the app’s community area, you need to authorize the publication of your personal data in EXPO REAL’s online media when you purchase your trade fair ticket.

A sponsored channel is a branded chat channel that is paid for by a company. All community area users can access sponsored channels and use them to communicate with other attendees. As a channel sponsor, you can use your branded channel to boost your trade fair success: You can open up direct lines of communication with companies and company representatives exhibiting at EXPO REAL, specifically target your advertising and chat with other trade fair attendees.

Extra feature for channel sponsors: When you set up a sponsored channel, the app automatically creates a private group chat for your company and adds all of your employees who are registered in the community area. There’s no easier or more convenient way for you to stay in touch with your colleagues throughout EXPO REAL!

Our media services team is ready to help. Please contact:

Mareen Kummer
Media Services
Tel.:+49 89 666166-54
Fax: +49 89 666166-55
E-mail: info@exporeal-mediaservices.de

The app’s list of participants lists all of the trade fair attendees who have approved the publication of their personal data in the EXPO REAL trade fair directories (print and online) and have logged into the app at least once. The app lists their surnames, first names and company names. If you wish, you can also personalize your listing by adding a description and a profile image.

When you register your EXPO REAL ticket, you will be asked whether you would like to be listed in the app’s exhibitor directory free of charge. If you want to be listed, simply tick the appropriate box. If you didn’t tick the box when you registered your ticket, don’t worry: you can do this in your registration profile at any time.

You can access the community area for 365 days from the date you purchased your ticket.

As a trade fair visitor, journalist, media representative or student, you set up your Messe München account when you purchase your ticket.

As an exhibitor representative, you create your Messe München account when you personalize your exhibitor’s pass. Alternatively, you might already have an account which you set up to log in to the Exhibitor Shop or to register your company as an exhibitor. Enter your email address and Messe München account password in the app’s login area. You can now get started and use the full features of the app’s community area.

Exhibitors’ questions

1. Questions about your participation at the fair

In order to be eligible for admission as a main exhibitor or co-exhibitor, the requirements of the EXPO REAL product index apply.

You will find an overview here of all the participation prices such as costs for hiring your stand area, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), etc.

You can register for EXPO REAL 2020 from February 2020 via our online registration form for main exhibitors.

Unfortunately it is not possible to specify a different invoice address when you register.

You will find all the dates and deadlines for EXPO REAL here.

Every main exhibitor receives a specified number of exhibitors passes free of charge, the number being determined by the confirmed area of the stand. The following allocation will be applied:

  • Stand area of up to 20 m²: four tickets
  • Stand area of 21 m² or more: one additional free ticket per 10 m² or part thereof

You may order additional passes for exhibitors, subject to a charge, from mid-June 2019 from the Exhibitor Shop. The cost per ticket is EUR 315 plus VAT.

It is basically possible for companies to participate as co-exhibitors (see General Terms of Participation A4). This does require prior approval by Messe München GmbH. You can register for EXPO REAL 2020 from February 2020 via our online registration form for co-exhibitors. The first application deadline for co-exhibitors is June 19, 2020. Only those companies that have registered by this deadline will be listed in the printed trade fair index. You can find the details under the following link: important information for exhibitors.

Please read the information on participation costs for co-exhibitors.

Co-exhibitors do not receive any free Print@home tickets for exhibitors (exhibitor passes). You may order tickets from mid-June 2020 from the Exhibitor Shop of EXPO REAL. The cost per ticket is EUR 315 plus VAT (as of January 2020).

As a main or co-exhibitor, you can use our Exhibitor Shop to book a wide range of additional services. You can easily and conveniently order stand construction, equipment and technology, tickets and marketing material online. You will receive your access data by e-mail.

Please note that all types of events require registration and approval. This applies to events at your trade fair boot as well as at other event locations such as in a forum. You can register your events from June 2020 at the Exhibitor Shop.

2. Questions relating to technology and services

Set-up begins from 08:00 on september 30, 2020 and runs until 18:00 on October 7, 2020 (as of November 2019). You can find the details under the following link: Important information for exhibitors

Dismantling begins at 16:00 on October 7, 2020 and runs until 18:00 on October 9, 2020 (as of November 2020). Admittance for trade fair construction companies and suppliers is open from 17:00 on October 7, 2020. You can find the details under the following link: Important information for exhibitors

Dismantling begins at 16:00 on October 9, 2019 and runs until 18:00 on October 11, 2019 (as of January 2019). Admittance for trade fair construction companies and suppliers is open from 17:00 on October 9, 2019. You can find the details under the following link: Important information for exhibitors

EXPO REAL charges a mandatory waste disposal fee. This is a fixed fee covering disposal of waste for the entire duration of the trade fair and during setting up and dismantling. The amount of the fee can be found in your placement proposal. It will be shown as part of your admission invoice. In addition, the regulations set out under item 6.1 of the technical guidelines apply to the disposal of waste.

3. Questions about the trade fair directories

EXPO REAL offers the following trade fair directories (print, online, mobile): EXPO REAL guide, EXPO REAL app, Online katalog.

The mandatory communication fee includes a basic entry in all EXPO REAL trade fair directories (print, online and mobile), as long as the application as main or co-exhibitor is registered with Messe München GmbH by June 169, 2020 (23:59). You can find the details under the following link: Important information for exhibitors

Exhibitors who have registered by June 19, 2020 (as of January 2020) and have received their access data may redeem their entitlement under the mandatory communication fee—a basic entry in the trade fair directories—by June 19, 2019 in the Exhibitor Shop.

An overview of all exhibiting companies and other participants in the EXPO REAL trade fair is available in the EXPO REAL app—or you can use the handy download in Excel format.

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