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Frequently asked questions

Here, you find the answers to frequently asked questions about EXPO REAL.

Exhibitor questions

1. Questions about your participation at the fair

What are the exhibition sectors for EXPO REAL?

In order to be eligible for admission as a main exhibitor or co-exhibitor, the requirements of the EXPO REAL product index apply.

What costs of participation will I incur as a main exhibitor?

You will find an overview here of all the participation prices such as costs for hiring your stand area, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), etc.

How do I register as a main exhibitor?

You can register for EXPO REAL 2023 from February 2023 via our online registration form for main exhibitors .

Is it possible to specify a different invoice address?

Unfortunately it is not possible to specify a different invoice address when you register.

Is there an overview of all the dates and deadlines?

You will find all the dates and deadlines for EXPO REAL here.

As a main exhibitor, do I receive free exhibitor passes?

Every main exhibitor receives a specified number of exhibitors passes free of charge, the number being determined by the confirmed area of the stand. The following allocation will be applied:

  • Stand area of up to 20 m²: four tickets
  • Stand area of 21 m² or more: one additional free ticket per 10 m² or part thereof

You may order additional passes for exhibitors, subject to a charge, from June 2023 from the Exhibitor Shop.

How much do additional exhibitor passes cost?

Additional exhibitor passes cost € 390.00 each and can be ordered via the Exhibitor Shop. They will then be invoiced to the exhibitor in the final invoice.

Are set-up and dismantling passes required for the fair?

No, no extra passes are needed for set-up and dismantling times. Stand builders, technicians and stand personnel can enter the grounds without any problems.

Can co-exhibitors / partner companies be registered?

It is basically possible for companies to participate as co-exhibitors (see General Terms of Participation A4). This does require prior approval by Messe München GmbH. You can register for EXPO REAL 2023 from February 2023 via our online registration form for co-exhibitors . The first registration deadline for co-exhibitors is yet to be announced. Only those companies that have registered by this deadline will be listed in the printed trade fair index. You can find the details under the following link: important information for exhibitors .

What costs of participation will I incur as a co-exhibitor?

Please read the information on participation costs for co-exhibitors .

As a co-exhibitor, do I receive free exhibitors passes?

Co-exhibitors do not receive any free Print@home tickets for exhibitors (exhibitor passes). You may order tickets from June 2023 from the Exhibitor Shop of EXPO REAL.

Where can I order additional services for my participation?

As a main or co-exhibitor, you can use our Exhibitor Shop to book a wide range of additional services. You can easily and conveniently order stand construction, equipment and technology, tickets and marketing material online. You will receive your access data by e-mail.

How do I register events at my booth at the trade fair?

Please note that all types of events require registration and approval. This applies to events at your trade fair boot as well as at other event locations such as in a forum. You can register your events from June 2023 at the Exhibitor Shop.

2. Questions relating to technology and services

When does the set-up begin at EXPO REAL 2023?

The exact set-up period is still to be announced. You can find the details under the following link: Important information for exhibitors

Can the set-up start earlier?

Early set-up is subject to a fee. The exact date is still to be announced. For this, you will need written permission from the Technical Exhibitor Service (TAS). Details can be found here: Important information for exhibitors

When does dismantling begin at EXPO REAL 2023?

The exact dismantling period is still to be announced. You can find the details under the following link: Important information for exhibitors

What is the fee for waste disposal?

EXPO REAL charges a mandatory waste disposal fee. This is a fixed fee covering disposal of waste for the entire duration of the trade fair and during setting up and dismantling. The amount of the fee can be found in your placement proposal. It will be shown as part of your admission invoice. In addition, the regulations set out under item 6.1 of the technical guidelines apply to the disposal of waste.

3. Questions about the trade fair directories

What trade fair directories are there for EXPO REAL?

EXPO REAL offers the following trade fair directories (print, online, mobile): EXPO REAL guide, Industry directory.

What is covered by the mandatory communication fee?

The mandatory communication fee includes a basic entry in all EXPO REAL trade fair directories (print, online and mobile), as long as the application as main or co-exhibitor is registered with Messe München GmbH by June 22, 2022 (23:59). You can find the details under the following link: Important information for exhibitors

How do I enter my company in the trade fair directories?

Exhibitors who have received their access data may redeem their entitlement under the mandatory communication fee—a basic entry in the trade fair directories—by June 22, 2022 in the Exhibitor Shop.

General questions about the trade fair

What sectors and topics are represented at EXPO REAL?

EXPO REAL represents the whole supply chain of the real estate and investment sector—all the important areas are there, from conception and design to investment and financing, from realization and marketing to operation and use. Learn more about EXPO REAL and the exhibition sectors .

Where can I find information about my travel and accommodation?

From travel and visas to hotels, we can assist you with a wide variety of information and services .

Who can help me with detailed questions?

These contacts at EXPO REAL will be happy to help you.

Am I allowed to bring my dog onto the exhibition grounds of Messe München?

No, according to Messe München´s house rules it is not allowed to bring animals onto the exhibition grounds with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

Will there be a Lufthansa baggage drop-off at EXPO REAL?

No, there will be no extra baggage drop-off at this year's EXPO REAL.

Visitors questions

Where can I find information about visitor ticket prices?

Follow the link to view an overview of all ticket prices for EXPO REAL.

Where can I order my ticket?

From July 2023 you can buy your visitor ticket here .

Where can I get more help with questions about tickets and ticket purchase?

The most important answers to these questions can be found in the specific ticket FAQ .

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