Lead management for digital lead capture at the booth

Capture your visitors at your booth with only one scan—and gain valuable advantages! Here you will find all information about the lead management tools Scan2Lead and LeadSuccess.


Scan2Lead supports you in your lead management process at the trade fair because with Scan2Lead you can quickly, easily and digitally capture your trade show leads.

You can scan the barcode on the visitor ticket or your visitor’s business card. The data is immediately available to you and can be processed individually and qualified with notes and a questionnaire.

All captured data is stored in real time in your exhibitor’s own online portal. Here, you can view and export the data at any time. A direct interface to your CRM or marketing system is also possible.


What benefits does Scan2Lead offer exhibitors?

  • enormous time saving due to immediate, digital availability of all data
  • no time-consuming typing of handwritten notes and business cards after the trade fair
  • direct processing is possible (CRM)
  • reduction of follow-up time from approx. two weeks to 1-2 days possible
  • timely and personalized follow-up activities increase the likelihood of an order
  • digital lead capture has a proven effect on the increase of trade fair success
  • trade fair success becomes measurable at the push of a button thanks to various statistics and report features of Scan2Lead

Scan2Lead—Smart Lead Tracking for Exhibitors

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Benefits of Scan2Lead for your visitors

  • quick and straightforward transmission of their own contact details
  • full control by whom they are scanned
  • no costs
  • no business cards necessary → environmentally friendly
  • more dependable and sooner dispatch of requested information

Scan2Lead service and support

The Scan2Lead service and support is at your disposal at all times via e-mail, telephone and during the trade fair also in person. If you have any further questions, please write a short e-mail or give us a call.

Tel. +49 89 4444 33 111


With LeadSuccess you can collect address data and information about your visitors in an easy, efficient and professional way.

LeadSuccess allows to scan visitors' tickets and business cards to get their address data. Additional information can be added using the customisable questionnaire, by entering notes and comments either by typing or via voice-to-text, adding images, audio recordings or sketches.

All data collected is immediately available on the LeadSuccess Portal, from where it can be exported as Excel, PDF or with pre-prepared graphics and statistics for a quick overview on the data collected during the event.

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What advantages does LeadSuccess offer exhibitors?

  • Proven track record: with over 20 years of experience, LeadSuccess has stood the test of time, continually evolving to meet the changing needs of exhibitors and visitors.
  • Instant lead capture: say goodbye to manual data entry. LeadSuccess allows exhibitors to quickly scan visitor badges or business cards, capturing lead information in seconds.
  • Customizable lead forms: tailor lead capture forms to gather specific information relevant to your business, ensuring you collect the most valuable insights from each visitor.
  • Automated follow-up: give immediate feedback to your visitors with our integrated and fully customisable automated follow-up emails.
  • Analytics and reporting: gain valuable insights into your trade show performance with integrated comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing you to optimize strategies for future events
  • Connect LeadSuccess directly with your own CRM system to streamline the lead capture process, saving time and resources.

Lead Success—Smart Lead Tracking for Exhibitors

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Advantages of LeadSuccess for your visitors

  • Instant contact exchange: visitors can quickly share their contact details with exhibitors, eliminating the need for manual business card exchanges and ensuring accurate information transfer.
  • Personalized follow-up: exhibitors can send tailored follow-up messages or offers based on the specific interests or needs of visitors, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of post-event communication.
  • Efficient information retrieval: visitors no longer need to carry and manage multiple brochures or information packets, as exhibitors can digitally send relevant materials directly to their email or mobile device.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities: by streamlining the lead capture process, exhibitors have more time to engage in meaningful conversations with visitors, fostering stronger connections and networking opportunities.
  • Data privacy and security: LeadSuccess offer secure data storage and management protocols, ensuring that visitors' contact information is handled in compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR).
  • Reduced environmental impact: by digitizing the lead capture process, exhibitors can minimize the use of paper materials, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly trade fair environment.
  • Real-time information access: Visitors can receive immediate follow-up communication or access additional resources or product information via the exhibitor's website or online platforms, facilitating informed decision-making post-event.

LeadSuccess Service and Support

The LeadSuccess team will be available by phone and e-mail before, during and after the trade fair to answer any questions and provide information - and we will also be on site during the trade fair.

Tel.: +49 89 954586759