NOVA³: „Where Real Estate meets Innovation“

Nova3 is a new hall of the EXPO REAL

An encouraging glimpse of the real estate’s future? Our Hall A3—NOVA³—is where you can catch up on the new ideas, creative thoughts and groundbreaking solutions that ensure to always be one step ahead.

NOVA³: an adventure into the real estate sector’s future

NOVA³ in Hall A3 is a exhibition concept that truly embraces innovation. And it is supported by strong partners from the well-established property sector, representing the entire value chain and having made corporate innovation a strategic priority. All of the NOVA³ participants aim to promote digital transformation. They strive to be true drivers of innovation.


Of course, the name is no coincidence: NOVA from Latin nova (“new”) together with the 3 of Hall A3 were chosen to reflect the concept’s new, pioneering character, which is optically emphasized by the strong, empowering petrol blue color .

May we introduce: that’s NOVA³

The main innovation area of NOVA³? The REAL ESTATE INNOVATION FORUM and the Tech Alley with 75 young tech companies. At the NOVA³ Forum, the exhibitors in Hall A3 will present their innovations. And the guided Innovation tours will help you get a close and precise overview of the innovations showcased. The information desk right at the NOVA³ entrance is the central point for information about all NOVA³ exhibitors, conferences and further innovation topics. As a matter of course, NOVA³ also provides comfortable meeting spaces and a high-quality food and beverage area.

Hall plan of the new hall of the EXPO REAL

Gastro Area of the new hall Nova3 zoom

NOVA³ Gastro

Nova3 Info is the new information area of the Nova3 zoom

NOVA³ Info

Central point of information about the A3 exhibitors, conference programs and meeting point for the guided “Innovation-Tours".

Innovation area of the new hall Nova3 zoom


Here, the spotlight is on the digital shift in the industry: renowned experts and pioneers will present and discuss the latest developments and make recommendations for action.

Innovation area of the new hall Nova3 zoom

Tech Alley

Bringing visitors and technology companies directly together, this platform is especially attractive for start-ups that want to establish valuable contacts.

Nova3 Forum zoom

NOVA³ Forum

Innovation and digitalization in the real estate field: Hall A3 exhibitors give valuable insights into their innovations.

The NOVA³ exhibitors. A strong mix.

The range of exhibitors all along the value chain has made corporate innovation a strategic priority.

Exhibitor in the new hall Nova3

Quote nova3

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