LabCampus—a global hub for pioneering innovations


A site the size of around 70 soccer fields—namely 500,000 m²—on the Munich Airport premises: here, over the next years, new, smart forms of company and cross-industry collaboration will emerge.

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LabCampus—this is where global players, hidden champions and outstanding young companies can enjoy an optimally connected environment and thus completely novel ways and possibilities to pool and fully exploit future potentials. A major project designed to meet a gigantic demand. The increasing fast pace not only of processes and standards but of entire business models is a mounting challenge facing companies of all sizes.

To stay competitive, it is no longer enough to react to the market and its innovations. Proactive innovation is the answer for those that want to be successful in the long run. No minor task. Because only companies and people who work together interdisciplinarily are able to create fresh momentum, rethink traditional ideas and actively shape the future.

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This is exactly where LabCampus at Munich Airport comes in. Offering the most modern conditions and environment under one single roof, here companies and knowledge carriers can jointly develop innovative solutions, products and services and present them directly at an international transport hub. Very good international connections, access to 150,000 passengers per day and generous test areas make LabCampus a first-class location for innovation and a lively urban space.

And there’s even more: LabCampus actively supports companies and promotes the right blend of industries and companies. Right from the outset, LabCampus has relied on collaboration with leading innovation partners, renowned institutions and research institutes to support companies in the innovation process—from initial idea to execution and marketing.

More information can be found on the LabCampus website