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EXPO REAL 2019 - The industry in times of trade disputes, Brexit, low and negative interest rates


EXPO REAL is the most important meeting place for the real estate industry, which expects another strong year in 2019. At the same time, there is a cloud hanging over the economy: at about 3 percent, global economic growth has reached a low point.

Trade disputes, Brexit, low and negative interest rates and the impact on the real estate industry and real estate investments: These are just some of the much discussed topics at EXPO REAL.

EXPO REAL 2019 - NOVA3: New trade fair concept


A glimpse into the future of the real estate industry, thanks to a new trade fair concept at the Expo Real - NOVA3. Everything revolves around innovation in one hall. The idea behind it: an lively exchange between Start up´s, Grown up´s and already established companies in order to encourage the digital transformation in the industry.

EXPO REAL 2019 - Grand Opening


Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO, Messe München:

"2019 is a very good year for Messe München. All our events to date have gone extremely well. Expo Real has also seen an increase of 4.5% in the number of exhibitors, to a total of 2,190. This high level of demand has led us to open a seventh hall, which will focus on startups and innovations. So the mood in the sector is still good. We devised a mood barometer for the participants at the last event in July. 14% of respondents even stated that they expect a new record year. That's a very large number with a very successful year, even though the investment volume in Germany has declined slightly in the last two quarters. Of course, everyone is also very attentive to what the developments in Great Britain will bring with Brexit. The low interest rate policy is very divisive, with about half saying: "It's good that way". The other half says “no, it is not sustainable enough”. So there's a lot to discuss at the fair, that's what it's there for. The issue of affordable housing, especially in large cities, is of course an important topic that is keenly discussed. The proposals differ widely, ranging from simplified approval procedures, to more designation of dwellings and also expropriation. There is much controversy here too. We all hope that the discussions will ultimately lead to results that will soon solve these social problems. We have a very extensive conference program. A lecture by Dr.Kater, the Chief Economist at DekaBank, will be devoted to Brexit and its effects on Europe. Another lecture by Professor Felbermayr, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, deals with political developments in the USA and the impact of the US administration's decision on the economy. All in all, very exciting discussion topics."

  • Dr. Ulrich Kater
    Peter Glus
    Dr. Andreas Mattner
    Hongqi Guo

Statements from EXPO REAL 2019

  • Dr. Ulrich Kater
  • Peter Glus
  • Dr. Andreas Mattner
  • Hongqi Guo

EXPO REAL 2019 - International Outlook


Where is the growth in international investment coming from, what global trends are we seeing? EXPO REAL recently captured thoughts from international players about the global outlook. At this stage in the cycle we hear how investors are looking for structural themes rather than cyclical. Global investors are aiming to diversify their investments with increasing use of European platforms, helped by low vacancy rates and liquidity. A strong theme emerged around the cradle to grave opportunities: nurseries, student housing, co-living/working and senior housing. We hear how this trend is powered increasingly by companies providing flexible products, with a strong digital vision.

EXPO REAL 2019 – The UK Outlook


The UK is facing a change in its relationship with the European Union. EXPO REAL recently hosted with Nuveen a wide ranging debate in London and captured views of the public and private sector on the outlook for the UK, Foreign Direct Investment and Capital Flows. We looked at where the opportunities are within the UK market for investment, exploring the growth sectors as well as regional opportunities. With short term disruption providing opportunity, increased regional liquidity, the importance of logistics and multi-let industrial and an target of 300,000 new homes per year the debate shone a light on investible propositions.

EXPO REAL 2019 - Solutions for Housing Shortage


Affordable housing is currently one of the predominant issues in the property industry and in politics––and has a fixed place in the conference program of EXPO REAL. There is no easy solution, everyone involved is called upon to act. Rent regulation, assignment of new land for housing developments or simplified planning and building processes: there are many proposals, some rather radical, such as the call for the expropriation of housing stock owned by large companies. EXPO REAL has captured some expert views on this subject in Berlin.

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