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EXPO REAL 2018 - The Real Estate Industry & Geopolitics


Ten years after the high point of the financial crisis, its effects on the real estate industry continue to be felt: high property prices, low interest rates, high investment pressure and low returns on investments.

But the industry is doing well. It has evolved and has become more international and more digital. Sensitivity to the uncertainties of the global market remains omnipresent, however–also at EXPO REAL 2018, the biggest real estate industry get-together in Europe.

EXPO REAL 2018 - Investments in real estate continue to rise - Investors love Germany


Over the past year, according to studies, international capital flows reached a transaction volume of US$ 837 billion.
For 2018, a similar result is predicted. But while a decline is expected in North America, investment growth is projected in Europe and Asia.
Real estate companies and investors are reacting to these shifts accordingly.

EXPO REAL 2018 - Europe's largest real estate fair sets the stage for real estate start-ups


The largest start-up contest in the real estate sector is being held for the second time in the halls of Messe München.

The Real Estate Innovation Forum has grown significantly.

Over 60 start-ups across a 750-square-metre area: young tech firms are exhibiting at EXPO REAL. Their developments represent the potential of digitization in the real estate sector. There is also a comprehensive conference program, plus pitches and techtalks.

EXPO REAL 2018 - Omnichannel Retail at Grand Plaza


The Grand Plaza at EXPO REAL 2018 is where retailers and their partners look for direct access to the consumer. The focus is on a smart and connected way to approach the customer - summarized in the slogan "Omnichannel Retail".

EXPO REAL 2018 - Urban development


Our cities are growing more crowded. Traffic, construction, ecology and social interests are taking up more and more space.The city of tomorrow requires new thinking - from architects and planners, politicians and citizens...

EXPO REAL 2018 - Career Day 2018 - A Complete Success


It’s on the third day of EXPO REAL that Career Day traditionally takes place. 44 companies all vying for the approval of students, graduates and young professionals—of whom there are more than ever before. The industry is doing well—and that’s also clear from the job market.

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