Exhibition sectors

The whole supply chain of the real estate industry

EXPO REAL opens up the entire spectrum of the real estate industry in one place. Gather information about the entire life cycle of real estate: concept and development, financing and realization, marketing, operation and use.

Since its launch in 1998, EXPO REAL has evolved to an international trade fair for property and investment.

The exhibitors eligible for EXPO REAL? Those that can be assigned to at least one of the exhibition sectors which are listed in the nomenclature and that offer products or services which correspond to at least one of the items listed for the exhibition sectors. Some exhibition sectors are specified in more detail in the document.

For example, companies focusing on energy services (energy supply, contracting, consulting) or on infrastructural and technical building management (e. g. building equipment, cleaning, security services, catering, etc.) are not eligible for EXPO REAL, unless they fall under nomenclature item 04.04. Apart from that, specialized planners are not eligible, even if they offer planning services for individual or even all trades associated with the creation of the property, such as building services like electrical and sanitary installations, energy infrastructure, supply and disposal, engineering planning, structural planning, building, structural and civil engineering.

In addition, companies active in the fields of interior design, shop fitting, open space and landscape planning are not eligible as exhibitors at EXPO REAL.

1. Real estate investors

1.1 Institutional real estate investors
1.1.1 Real estate investment/asset management companies
1.1.2 Insurance companies and pension funds
1.1.3 Real estate stock corporations and REITs

1.2 Real estate divisions/companies of non-property companies (CREM)
1.3 Public sector real estate divisions/companies
1.4 Church-owned real estate divisions/companies
1.5 Foundations

2. Real estate financiers

2.1 Commercial and savings banks
2.2 Mortgage banks
2.3 Leasing companies
2.4 Insurance companies and pension funds
2.5 Other financiers

3. Real estate developers

3.1 Project developers (investor, service, trader developers)
3.2 Site or district developers

4. Real estate service providers

4.1 Construction project managers/project controllers
4.2 Asset Manager
4.3 Property managers
4.4 Facility managers
4.5 Real estate appraisers
4.6 Architects
4.7 Real estate consultants/real estate brokers

4.8 Other property-related services
4.8.1 Legal advisers, tax consultants, auditors
4.8.2 Market research institutes
4.8.3 Real estate PR companies
4.8.4 Real estate marketing companies
4.8.5 Human resources consultants

5. Property and site operators

5.1 Commercial property
5.1.1 Office property and co-working
5.1.2 Retail property
5.1.3 Logistics and industrial property

5.2 Residential property
5.2.1 Housing corporations
5.2.2 Providers of Student housing
5.2.3 Providers of co-living, micro-living, serviced appartments

5.3 Special property
5.3.1 Healthcare and social property
5.3.2 Hotel and hospitality property
5.3.3 Operators of train stations, airports, ports
5.3.4 Operators of parking spaces

6. Economic regions

6.1 Regions, cities, municipalities, districts
6.2 Economic development agencies

7. Associations

7.1 Associations of the commercial real estate industry
7.2 Other associations related to real estate

8. Professional education and training institutes

8.1 Universities and similar Institutions
8.2 Institutions unrelated to universities

9. Media

9.1 Real estate media (print)
9.2 Real estate media (electronic)

10. Digital solutions and products for applications in the real estate industry

10.1 Plan & Build
10.1.1 Software solutions for the construction industry and project development (control, interface communication, monitoring)
10.1.2 Building information modeling and digital twin
10.1.3 3-D visualization, augmented and virtual reality solutions
10.1.4 Drones for inspection and monitoring

10.2 Manage & Operate
10.2.1 Software for portfolio, asset and property management
10.2.2 Sensor-assisted maintenance
10.2.3 Sensor-assisted HVAC control systems for commercial properties
10.2.4 Software and hardware for access control in buildings
10.2.5 Tenant and community management platforms

10.3 Research & Valuate
10.3.1 Information providers for proprietary and public datasets
10.3.2 Providers of machine learning, big data analysis and highly automated, data-driven intelligence related to the real estate industry
10.3.3 Automated services for property valuation models

10.4 Invest & Finance
10.4.1 Crowd investing providers for real estate projects allowing commercial property investments
10.4.2 Platforms for optimized transaction processes between market players
10.4.3 Providers with blockchain technology
10.4.4 Capital marketplaces
10.4.5 Providers of peer-to-peer lending

10.5 Market
10.5.1 Online marketplaces for real estate buyers and sellers
10.5.2 Marketplace for short term rentals for office, retail and residential
10.5.3 CRM applications for the commercial property industry
10.5.4 3-D, augmented reality and virtual reality services for the presentation of commercial properties

10.6 Next City Solutions
10.6.1 Smart city information platforms with best practices
10.6.2 Data-driven urban planning
10.6.3 Intelligent parking solutions for the optimization of parking area use
10.6.4 Intelligent loading infrastructure
10.6.5 Intelligent last mile logistics

11. Information technology in the property industry

11.1 Professional property management software
11.2 Internet portals for real estate
11.3 Data rooms
11.4 Computer-aided facility management