Radio service

Radio service

Are you planning to do a radio report about EXPO REAL? We have everything you need!

Radio service in the Entrance West

If you want to do your own radio productions at the fair, then come along and talk to us in the broadcasting studio at the West end of the exhibition center, above the Press Center. In this studio, which is fully equipped with all the latest digital technology, you can process your reports, do recordings and also broadcast live from the studio, with the support of our technical team.

Visit our download zone to access sound material of broadcast quality (MP3) at no cost. We would love to hear what you are using the material for.

Opening times
Radio studio West (Entrance West, 2nd floor)
  • October 5–7, 09:00–16:00

Contact (during EXPO REAL)
Gabriel and Susanne Wirth
Phone: +49 89 949-27000

Your contact

Bild:Christine Heufer
  • Christine
  • Heufer
  • Broadcast Media Manager
+49 89 949-20762
+49 89 949-9720762