We support you in getting your message across: the EXPO REAL press team

EXPO REAL press team

The media coverage of EXPO REAL is every bit as vast as the range of topics covered within its halls: What are the most promising projects on the market? How are processes becoming more digital and more efficient? What will the cities of tomorrow look like? Plus, the real estate sector is right at the heart of current debates on migration, ECB taxation policies and the EU in the face of Brexit. It was this diversity that brought about 1,000 reporters from 30 countries to the event in 2018. The press team is looking forward to getting you in contact with the press and making you more visible.

Tell us about the highlights, innovations and themes you will be presenting: Are you publishing studies or holding a press conference? We would be delighted to share details in our PR con-tent through print, online, TV and radio outlets and on social media. We look forward to working with you!