Co-exhibitor application


Be part of our success concept and present your company, your subjects and projects and make important contacts - as a co-exhibitor at EXPO REAL.

We are pleased to see that you want to register as a co-exhibitor.
The application procedure for co-exhibitors at EXPO REAL 2018 includes some important changes and innovations. A brief overview of the most important facts:

  • Exhibition sectors
    Check the assignment of your company to the eligible Exhibition Sectors of EXPO REAL 2018.

  • Standardized company profile
    In the future every co-exhibitor must upload a standardized company profile with his application to get his eligibility checked. Fill out the company profile first and upload it with your application.

  • Application link - the co-exhibitor URL
    For your company to be able to apply as a co-exhibitor you need an application link, the so-called “co-exhibitor URL”, which you receive from your main exhibitor exclusively, who gets the link after completing his own application.

Note: As soon as your main exhibitor has registered for EXPO REAL 2018, he will be able to send you the "co-exhibitor URL", but not before 02/19/2018.

You still have questions about the application process or something else? Please note the following important documents.

Information and deadlines for co-exhibitors

Find all information on the scale of the co-exhibitor rates at Participation prices.
For all important deadlines for planning your trade fair participation go to Dates and Milestones.