EXPO REAL - Smart City

Smart city life—vision versus reality

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The event “Smart City Life” has the motto: “From vision to realism.” Join us in discovering solutions that make the city of the future worth living in, integrate working and living environments and use resources efficiently and climate friendly.

We will start with a welcoming address and three keynote speeches from 09:00 to 10:30. Afterwards, we will continue with workshops until 13:30. In these workshops, which will be led by table captains, you will work with other innovators such as Stefan Kögl (Head of Technology & Construction I Siemens AG), Gregor Grassl (Head of Green City Development I Drees & Sommer), experts from the creative industries and start-ups from the real estate sector on a variety of topics, for example sustainable responsibility in urban development, industry & living space, security in the new digital city and many more.

Events at EXPO REAL Intelligent Urbanization Forum

Moderation: Hannah Klose
Time Speaker & Details
Time 09:00–09:30 Speaker & Details Arrival & Registration
Welcoming speech (09:20–9:30)
Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO, Messe München
Time 09:30–09:45 Speaker & Details Keynote speech: Environmental data as decision driver of a Smart City
Janina Stork, Hawa Dawa GmbH
Time 09:45–10:00 Speaker & Details Keynote speech: Urban Mining—the city as raw material warehouse in the future circular economy
Gregor Grassl, Drees & Sommer
Time 10:00–10:15 Speaker & Details Keynote speech: Space for industrial digitalization & life
Stefan Kögl, Siemens AG
Time 10:15–10:30 Speaker & Details Keynote speech: Space requirements of the creative industry
Jan Knikker, MVRDV
Time 10:30–11:00 Speaker & Details Pitches of round table topics
Time 11:00-13:00 Speaker & Details Round table discussions
Time 13:00–13:30 Speaker & Details Table captains present the workshop results

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Workshop 1: What is the city but the people? Inclusive and sustainable cities for citizens.

Table captain: Grisha Domakowski, Head of Projects, b_TEC Foundation

Grisha Domakowski has 15 years of experience in managing complex international projects in the real estate and energy sectors. He is currently the Head of Projects for the development of a 150,000m2 technology university campus in Barcelona. He holds a Masters degree in Project Management (La Salle, Barcelona), Business Intelligence (University of Barcelona) and Environmental Management (University of Amsterdam).

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Workshop 2: Urban Mining in practice: What can solutions look like?

Table captain: Gregor Grassl, Head of Blue City, Drees & Sommer

Gregor Grassl's expertise lies in sustainable urban and district development. He leads Projects ranging from strategic consulting and climate protection concepts to infrastructure system planning for major international projects with City BIM.

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Workshop 3: Urban logistics 2030 between just-in-time service and sustainable urban development

Table captain: Jens Burkhardt, Chief Digital Officer, BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH

Jens Burkhardt is an expert in process and quality management, especially for certifications. He is responsible for the innovation project LED catwalk at BIM. In addition, he is a speaker Smart City Network Berlin.

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Workshop 4: Air Mobility: which infrastructure do we need?

Table Captain: Tobias Willuhn, Program Manager Aerospace & Defense, Rohde & Schwarz

Tobias Willuhn is program manager for aerospace and defense at Rohde & Schwarz. As a driving force in the market development and marketing strategy for the emerging Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market, he is also responsible for the European marketing program aimed at customers in the aerospace and defense industries.

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Workshop 5: How do we shape the mobility of the future to create cities worth living in?

Table Captain: Melanie Grötsch, Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations, State Capital Munich

Melanie Grötsch is responsible for traffic planning and innovations in mobility in the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations. This Department is in charge of a wide range of projects relating to mobility in a Smart City. Among others the project "Modellstadt 2030" of the Inzell initiative, to implement forward-looking solutions for sustainable mobility in the city of Munich, or the project "car-free old town".

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