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For the first time, Ukraine will be represented with a booth in Munich. Kiev is a twin city of Munich, so it was obvious to offer a forum not only to the capital but to the country as a whole, to inform about possibilities for future reconstruction, but also about the past and the present, and to establish cooperation and networks.

The stand, which reflects the colors of Ukraine, offers meeting facilities and a small stage for lectures and discussions. The spectrum of events is broad and is intended above all to deepen understanding of the country, its geography, history and culture, which many have been less familiar with up to now—and to encourage people to become involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine in the future.

Mission and Tasks

  • Transparent and clear dialogue between Ukrainian and international real estate stakeholders
  • Analysis and monitoring of the environment
  • Understanding Ukraine’s EU Path—legal framework, values and reforms
  • Explaining ESG and sustainable development principles
  • Monitoring of priorities and urgent responses to the war—infrastructure, housing, master planning
  • Role and efforts of global construction market in rebuilding Ukraine


Conference programme

Venue: Rebuild Ukraine Booth – B1.110

A diverse conference programme with discussion panels and networking opportunities awaits you at the Rebuild Ukraine stand.
The programme will be held in English.

Tuesday, October 4, Day 1
15:00 – 15:45

Opening Remarks and Government Voice

Rebuilding Ukraine – long-term and sustainable strategies for building back better

Chaired by Andrew Wrobel, Founding Partner at Emerging Europe

  • Clemens Baumgärtner, Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development, City of Munich
  • Yuriy Yarmilko, Consul General of Ukraine in Munich
  • Roman Komendant, Deputy Head of State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine for issues of digital development, digital transformations and digitalisation
  • Simeona Manova, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Ferreira, Cohesion and Reforms “New European Bauhaus” of the European Commission

15:45 – 16:45

Networking Charity Reception in association with UNITE24

UNITE24, the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine, launched by the President of Ukraine

During EXPO Real, we have a special mission to raise financial support for Medical Aid to purchase an Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle, which allows medical professionals to save the lives of civilians and soldiers in Ukraine every day.

Wednesday, October 5, Day 2
10:00 – 10:45

Business Voice

Rebuilding Ukraine – long-term sustainable strategies

While there are already a lot of long-term plans for rebuilding the country; revitalizing its cities, we all need to keep focused on the current situation and the challenges to overcome. Ukrainian businesses are living their hardest times, but they still keep working and finding fast solutions and immediate strategies that should be done right here right now to keep a foundation for the post-war holistic rebuilding.

  • Masterplanning and investments in the regeneration of post-war cities of Ukraine
  • New development following ESG, net zero, green solutions, circular economy, digitalization
  • Simplification and improvement of Ukrainian laws, prioritized investment projects, national focus on rebuilding Ukraine
  • Evaluating environment and conditions for private equity and institutional investors

Chaired by Andrew Wrobel, Founding Partner at Emerging Europe


17:00 – 18:00

Networking meet up

Informal Munich Style Networking Event.

Thursday, October 6, Day 3
10:00 – 11:30

Building Back Fast: responding to urgent challenges and exploring new opportunities for international cooperation during wartime

  • Innovative and sustainable fast-build solutions
  • Up-to-date projects running by Ukrainian and international players in Ukraine
  • Business soldiers: how companies in Ukraine keep running the business today and plan the future
  • Opportunities for risk diversification and new geographies of Ukrainian companies

Chaired by Tamás Polster, Partner and Co-Founder, Urbanite Advisors


Download program of the trade fair booth

PROGRAM – Ukraine at EXPO Real

Ukraine's Pavilion Concept

  • Area of 130 qm²
  • Content Hub for presentations and sessions
  • Networking and lounge area
  • Meeting points
  • Reception desk
  • Logo wall and area for promo materials


Contact for details

Principal at Invest in Projects

Anna Nestulia