Exhibitor Mailings

Here you will find all exhibitor mailings for EXPO REAL 2020. All future exhibitor mailings will be published here continuously after they have been sent. Stay informed about the most important topics and dates.

Having sent out the placement proposals for EXPO REAL 2020 over the last few days, we have already received a large number of questions about the practicalities of planning a trade fair stand under the COVID-19 restrictions together with requests for information about preparations for EXPO REAL in general.

Yesterday, we received a general commitment from the Free State of Bavaria that trade fairs will be allowed to take place again from September 1, 2020. As a result of this commitment, there are no longer any formal obstacles against trade fairs that are organized and managed in compliance with specific health and safety protocols. These protocols will be specified over the next few days and weeks.

Even with the go ahead from state authorities, we understand your current concerns in relation to the trade fair and assure you that, as a longstanding partner to the real estate industry, we will always work closely with you in developing solutions to any and all issues. We are also aware that the format of this year’s fair will be significantly different from past events, with fewer participants, a stronger focus and more personal.

The dynamics of the current situation mean that we are continuously evaluating the overall situation and constantly adaptating to applicable legal requirements. As a result, we have adopted a step-by-step approach to everything we are doing.

At our next Advisory Board meeting on June 9, 2020, we will be assessing the current situation in detail and considering the format of the EXPO REAL 2020 trade fair. In spite of all the challenges and different viewpoints, the real estate industry seems united in its desire to exchange opinions and ideas on the current situation.

We have also been asked to extend the deadline for confirming stand bookings in order to provide further planning security for EXPO REAL 2020. We are therefore extending the deadline for accepting or rejecting placement proposals for all exhibitors until Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

If you need to request a further extension, please contact the EXPO REAL exhibition management team.

We hope you appreciate this gesture as a sign of our commitment to continue to provide a valuable meeting place for the real estate industry in the third quarter of the year. We not only want to give companies within the industry the opportunity to exchange ideas and information, we also take your questions seriously and are determined to work together with you to find the best solutions for this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, suggestions or ideas.

In this exhibitor mailing we would like to inform you about the Health and Hygiene protocols.

EXPO REAL 2020 – Health and hygiene protocols

We remain committed to hosting EXPO REAL as planned in Munich from 5 to 7 October at the Munich exhibition center.

Messe München GmbH, in cooperation with the government of the Free State of Bavaria, is currently developing bespoke health and safety protocols that will allow us to ensure the success of EXPO REAL despite the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to host EXPO REAL 2020 at the Munich exhibition center, the following safety protocols must be observed:

  • Safe distances must be maintained
  • Comprehensive hygiene and health protection protocols must be in place
  • Contact tracing protocols must comply with the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute (Germany's national Public Health Institute)

Other resources are available to provide further information:

Provided the above requirements can be met, we currently expect to be able to hold EXPO REAL 2020 as planned.

In this exhibitor mailing we would like to inform you about the placement proposal and the co-exhibitor registration for EXPO REAL 2020. Find out more about our new data-driven marketing “Working Hero”.

EXPO REAL 2020: How to confirm your status

From mid-May you will receive an email with your placement proposal. Please confirm the proposal within the specified time limit using the link in the email. You can reject the proposal using this link or request a new one. Your stand will be confirmed by your acceptance, and you will receive a confirmation by email. You can learn more about the placement process here.

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You have certainly been able to gather from the media that Oktoberfest 2020 has been cancelled due to the corona crisis and would now like to know what will happen to EXPO REAL now that Oktoberfest 2020 has been cancelled.

EXPO REAL 2020 - What happens next?

Anyone who knows Oktoberfest knows that it cannot be compared to EXPO REAL. At EXPO REAL, the focus is on exchanging information, initiating business or sharing knowledge, so we believe that EXPO REAL can be organized in such a way that the risk of infection is at least manageable. We are therefore continuing to plan EXPO REAL and are currently working closely with the relevant authorities to develop a concept for holding EXPO REAL.

This concept will take into account the various requirements for exhibitors, visitors, service partners, stand builders, etc. with regard to protecting everyone against infection.

The concept addresses possible measures in the following areas:

  • hygiene and infection protection standards for all participants (hand disinfection possibilities, increase in cleaning cycles, wearing a mask, etc.)
  • managing the concentration of people on the site and in the exhibition halls as well as conference area
  • contact tracking through registration of participants and suggestion for:
    • exhibition stand design
    • hall layout with enough open spaces
    • catering facilities
    • meeting facilities outside the reserved exhibition halls
    • events in the forums and conference rooms

Regarding EXPO REAL 2020 Messe München is also in contact with the leaders of our shareholders, the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Munich.

We are confident that by mid/end June we will have worked out a solution in cooperation with the state and municipal authorities that will enable us to hold EXPO REAL and other trade fairs in the autumn. Understandably, you will want to know as soon as possible what measures you need to prepare for so that you can take them into account as early as possible in your planning for EXPO REAL 2020. We still need some time to develop and coordinate the concept so that we can provide you with reliable statements. Until then, we would ask you and your partners to be patient.

As soon as we have a valid interim status, we will inform you immediately.

The precautions being taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus are affecting almost every area of life, both privately and professionally. Understandably, large numbers of exhibitors have been contacting us over the last few days to ask for updates on the current status of EXPO REAL 2020. In response to these questions, we would like to inform you today about the current schedule for:


We currently expect EXPO REAL to be held as planned in October 2020. All main exhibitors will receive a placement proposal from us by mid-May 2020. The placement proposal must be confirmed by the exhibitor within the set period of 14 days. Confirmation of the placement proposal by the exhibitor constitutes a contract offer from which the exhibitor may no longer withdraw after receipt by Messe München GmbH.

If, on the other hand, the placement proposal is rejected by the exhibitor, no further costs will be incurred.

If the situation surrounding the coronavirus has not been resolved by the end of May and we have still not returned to our normal professional and private lives, we will reassess the situation at the beginning of July 2020 at the latest and decide whether or not to hold the EXPO REAL trade fair. If you have concluded a binding contract with Messe München as an exhibitor at EXPO REAL 2020, you will be under no obligation to pay the participation fee if the exhibition is cancelled.

However, if the restrictions on mass events are lifted and EXPO REAL does go ahead and you cancel your participation despite having a valid contract with Messe München, you will be required to pay the participation fee.

Having explored the option of postponing EXPO REAL, we have concluded that it is not possible to move the event to a later date in autumn this year.

EXPO REAL 2021: Date announcement

One more piece of important (non-coronavirus) news: EXPO REAL 2021 will take place one week later than usual in 2021, from 11 to 13 October, 2021. This is for your information and planning, especially if you have already started to reserve hotel rooms or other accommodation for 2021 or are planning to do so soon.

In these challenging times, we are extremely grateful for your loyalty and solidarity and hope to welcome you to EXPO REAL in Munich in October 2020.

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Questions? Our EXPO REAL team is pleased to help

Our EXPO REAL team will be there for you in 2020. For all questions about your trade fair and booth plans you can approach our employees who are in charge of your hall at any time:

  • Hall A2, A3 and Innovation: Isabella Bayer, Lea Hümmler
  • Hall A1, B2 and CareerDay: Maria Stegner
  • Hall B1: Carolin Hellenschmidt
  • Hall C1, C2 and the Grand Plaza: Jessica Swoboda

You need support with technical questions? Write to our TAS3 team.

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The deadlines of EXPO REAL 2020

We make it easy for you to plan your trade fair participation: We have compiled all the important dates and deadlines for EXPO REAL 2020 online for you. Whether it is the registration, technical orders or booth construction and removal – this overview gives you all the deadlines for your trade fair organization. The respective contacts are also listed with their contact details.