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Find out here which functions you can use on the digital event platform of EXPO REAL ONLINE 2021, how to log in or edit your profile. Our answers will help you with your questions.

General Questions

The focus is on four primary components:

  • Matchmaking that is supported by AI
  • Streaming (Livestreams, technical papers, seminars, press events)
  • Direct contact with companies, e.g. via the chat function
  • Presentation – Companies can present themselves in an exhibitor directory with a short company profile and product profiles

Exhibitors can present themselves to a wide audience by booking a company session. These can be booked for a fee or may already be included depending on the package that is selected (availability is limited).

The EXPO REAL Online Catalog, as EXPO REAL participants know it from the past, is a comprehensive industry directory that contains all EXPO REAL exhibitors, company contact data, a list of participants as well as press information and much more. It is available to the entire industry free of charge almost all year round on exporeal.net.

EXPO REAL ONLINE is a digital event platform, accessible only to participants of EXPO REAL. Similar to the Online Catalog, it also offers a directory of exhibition segments and participants, but the focus lies on the networking of all participants by means of the A.I. supported matchmaking function and on specialist content such as selected sessions from the conference program and Company Sessions. EXPO REAL ONLINE acts as a digital supplement to the trade fair on site for all those who would like even more reach or who cannot be present in Munich. The platform is only available shortly before the event and up to four weeks afterwards, then it will be deactivated.

The platform language is English, this applies to the navigation, filters, and notifications. Depending on your target group, you may decide in which language you publish your company profile and/or your company session.

To ensure optimum performance of the platform, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to make any definitive statements regarding the number of visitors. A varied, informative program design attracts potential participants. And since there are no travel restrictions to be considered, the low logistical effort also makes our digital formats so attractive. However, the intensity of interaction of our exhibitors/customers also plays a crucial part in the success of the event.

Our free promotional material will help you advertise your participation in the event. This way you can also encourage your customers to possibly participate. Please contact the EXPO REAL project group for more information.


Functions of the platform

  • On-site exhibitors can order their exhibitor passes as usual via the Exhibitor Shop. All passes include access to the platform until it is deactivated on November 13. Exhibitor passes must be registered in order to gain access to EXPO REAL ONLINE.
  • Digital exhibitors of EXPO REAL ONLINE will receive a voucher code from the project group to register their digital exhibitor pass.
  • As soon as the platform goes live (this is expected to happen on September 27, 2021 for your company admin and on October 4, 2021 for all other participants), you will receive a link to the platform and a registration ID by e-mail.
  • Click on the link and log in with your email address and registration ID.
  • Create a new password. From now on, use this password instead of the registration ID to log in to the platform.
  • You will receive important information and instructions on how to design your profile in advance. Please note: The more detailed the information you provide in your profiles, the more networking opportunities you will have. Interact with content and recommendations in the virtual space to receive more suggestions that match your interests.

The first port of call for every potential customer is your own company profile page – this serves as your business card and as a virtual replacement for your exhibition stand. As a result, you should try to fill your company profile with meaningful information that arouses visitors’ interest and spurs them to contact you.

Depending on which exhibitor package you book, you can integrate image, video, or PDF files into your company profile to make it even more attractive. Even so, it is important to remember that virtual events thrive on active communication by everyone involved! That means that the active participation of your sales staff is at least as important as creating a strong profile page. It is only by proactively targeting and addressing potential customers and partners that you will be able to achieve your desired sales success. Much as with a physical trade fair stand, it is important that your sales team actively seek contact with other participants to make your trade fair experience a success – as a first step, you will be supported by the integrated matchmaking tool.

Preferences are requested via visitor registration, which are automatically matched with the exhibitors' exhibition sectors. This information is used for AI-supported matchmaking to suggest relevant exhibitors to the visitor - and vice versa.

In addition, you can also proactively search for visitors in the attendee list.

Yes, your profile can still be changed during the event.

  • Open your profile
  • In the navigation bar on the left you will find an item called „Change email address”
  • You can enter a new email address here
  • This new e-mail address must be used for all future registrations. The password remains unchanged.

The registration deadline for exhibitors is September 15, 2021. Company admins will receive their activation email with the access details on September 27, all other users on October 4.

Once the platform has been activated it is recommended that you check your profile promptly and familiarize yourself with the platform in order to be able to start networking as quickly as possible.

It is not necessary to be available throughout the entire event. You can inform about the times during which your employees are available in their respective profiles. We recommend that you ensure at least some availability of your staff even after the event has concluded so that you can take full advantage of the dialogue and interaction fostered by matchmaking.

To match exhibitors with visitors, the matchmaking function draws on the companies’ exhibition sectors (which are entered in the exhibitor profile) and the interests specified by visitors when they register.

A calculation is run in the background to determine how well exhibitors’ and visitors’ interests match up. All participants then receive proposed contacts that are based on this information.

Additional information such as movement data, search patterns and existing contacts can then be used to create additional contact recommendations automatically.

In addition to digital matchmaking, you can also find new contacts using the attendee list and exhibitor list. Furthermore, you can filter these lists using various criteria.

Go to the profile of the attendee that is relevant for you and click on the ‘Show Interest’ button. If the attendee is also interested, he/she will be added to your contacts and you will be able to get in contact via chat.

Yes, this can be done by using the „Request Meeting“ button. All appointments that you set up, as well as all events that you would like to take part in, are clearly displayed in a single location in your personal agenda. It is also possible to export this information to your external calendar.

Go to the profile of the attendee that is relevant for you and click on the ‘Request Meeting’ button. Direct meeting requests can only be sent to exhibitors who have booked this functionality with their package. The chat function as described above is available in any case.

As soon as a meeting is confirmed, it appears in your personal calendar. The meeting can be entered via a button that is activated five minutes before the start of the appointment.

As many as 50 people can take part in a virtual meeting.

No, the chat function is only available on the digital platform. It is not possible for participants to integrate their own chat programs.

Yes, the extended duration of the digital event beyond the dates of the trade fair is one of the advantages. One week before and four weeks after EXPO REAL (until November 13, 2021), the matchmaking and chat features will be available, allowing you to get in touch with participants at any time during and after the trade fair. Users who are not logged in will be notified by e-mail that they have received a contact request.

Additionally, you will be able to watch all content on the platform up until November 13, 2021 at your convenience. We will inform you when the platform will be closed.

‘Connections/Contacts’ are participants with whom you have either arranged a meeting (“request meeting”) or with whom you have been matched by mutually showing interest (“show interest”).

Exhibitors can supplement their company profile with separate product pages in which they provide detailed information on their portfolio of products or projects. These can be enriched with a video, images and text in order to provide visitors with the best possible information about your service and project portfolio.

Team member profiles can be filled with information individually as desired. The position of each team member is displayed in the company overview. It is not possible to assign individual profiles to product profiles.

Depending on the package booked, you can embed recorded videos in your company profile and/or your product profiles.

Within the EXPO REAL ONLINE event agenda, you have the opportunity to book a 60-minute slot for your company, which you can design individually. Possible options are, for example, pre-recorded company videos that are streamed at a given time, but also live streams of a webinar or from a studio. All presentations are recorded during streaming and are available to all participants afterwards until the platform is deactivated. If you are interested, please contact the EXPO REAL project group for further information.

In place of an exhibition stand, each company has its own profile. It is not possible to link to another company or to share a profile. As a result, it is not possible to have co-exhibitors.

Demo access is not possible. However, you will receive a how-to guide with screenshots that will explain the exhibitor profile and the other functions in due course. Additionally, there will be a workshop in early September for all interested exhibitors, displaying and explaining the platform in further detail. Registered exhibitors will be invited to this optional workshop well in advance.

Data protection

The event follows the current version of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

No sensitive customer details will be shared on the platform. As soon as you have contacted a visitor, you can network with them using the chat or video function and exchange contact details. Once you are connected, you can export the contact data of your contacts in the “Teams" section of the platform.


Do you still have questions? No problem, please contact us.

Telefon: +49 89 949-11608

E-mail: info@exporeal.net